Duplicated: A Copy Book

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Cover – MCAD Alum Magazine – Voume 3 / Spring Issue

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The cover for the volume 3 / Spring issue of the MCAD Alum Magazine – the façade of the building encapsulates images from the past 125 years, and represents the years of creativity that has happened (and continues to happen) within the walls of MCAD.

MCAD is the catalyst for creativity.

125th Anniversary Poster for MCAD

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Poster commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 7 colors, 10 pulls, a run of 20.

I was one of 5 student artists asked to design a poster expressing what MCAD means to each of us. My inspiration is a cross between what I thought MCAD was like before I moved to Minnesota and what I’ve come to know and love about the school. When I thought ‘Minnesota Living’ I pictured it to be very northern woods; very outdoors – and it is, but not to the extent of my imagination. MCAD is a melting pot of of innovative aesthetic practices. It has taught me to explore my natural instincts and appreciate the process of creativity. I wanted to weave together that northern woods feel with my love of geometric forms, structures, and humor.